Help Fix Winrs Error That Client Can’t Connect

Help Fix Winrs Error That Client Can’t Connect

Sometimes, your computer may display an error code indicating that the client cannot connect. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Another possible reason for these errors to appear is that the WinRM (Windows Remote Management) service is not directly configured to accept the PowerShell remote connection that the program is unfortunately trying to process. You can solve this problem in the following way: Check if your source server can accurately connect to the destination server.


    Can’t connect to machine using WinRM?

    The following are permission issues that may prevent targets from connecting to the WinRM endpoint: The Winrm service is not running on some remote computers. The firewall on the remote computer is refusing to connect. A proxy server is provided.

    I’m trying to consider how two workgroup computers (both running Windows 2012 R2) can communicate with each other using PowerShell over WinRM. Let’s call them ServerA and ServerB. On both machines I ran the following commands:

    1. Enable-PSRemoting-Force
    2. Set-Item WsMan:localhostclienttrustedhosts Server[A|B]
    3. Restart the WinRM service

    From Server B, I can remotely connect to Server A using the Enter-PSSession ServerA command. However, I cannot push this in any other direction. ServerA cannot actually connect to ServerB. I am getting the following specific error message:

    enter-pssession: Error connecting to remote server ServerB with The following phone error message is: The client cannot establish a connection, so you can contact the destination specified in a specific request. Ubetrust that the service is currently the target Applications are also being accepted. Refer to other protocol documents for The WS-Management service running on the target device, most commonly IIS or WinRM. If the goal is WinRM support, run the following command phrase Target to parse and modify the WinRM service: “winrm quickconfig”. You can usually find more information in the about_Remote_Troubleshooting help topic. Online: 1 Symbol: 1 + Enter pssession ServerB + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo: InvalidArgument: (ServerB:String) [Enter-PSSes zion], PSRemotingTransportException + FullyQualifiedErrorId: CreateRemoteRunspaceFailed

    I also tried connecting the remote photoshoot to the server itself. I.E.B.ServerB Enter-PSSession ServerB. I am getting the same error as above. I completely disabled both firewalls, which also often did not help. I may have even tried porting Test-NetConnection ServerB 5985 and it throws all sorts of warnings:

    WARNING! Failed to establish TCP on server B: 5985

    winrs error the client cannot connect

    Computer name: ServerB

    Remote address: ip

    Remote port: 5985

    Interface aliases: Ethernet

    How do I fix WinRM?

    Install the latest update for Windows Remote Control.Run the following command to rebuild the listener configuration: Console Copy. call winrm to restore winrm/config.Do the following The second command to perform the default configuration with the Windows Remote Control service and its listener: Console Copy.

    Source address: ip

    winrs error the client cannot connect

    PingSucceeded: True

    How do I enable WS-Management Protocol?

    In either case, you enable the WS-Management protocol on the local machine and use the winrm quickconfig command to set the default configuration for remote tools. For these operations, the winrm quickconfig command (or the exact shortened version of winrm qc ) is effective.

    PingReplyDetails (RTT): no, ms

    TcpTestSucceeded and False


    Test-NetConnection I see an entry in the PowerShell event log that says:

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  • Error message = Exception throwing ‘.ctor’ with ‘2’ “No Arguments: The connection could be established because the target machine actively denied it ip:5985” …

    What other specific steps can I take to resolve this connection issue?

    asked April 22, 2016 at 9:11 pm.



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