Best Way To Fix Vsam Return Code 08

Best Way To Fix Vsam Return Code 08

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have encountered an error message with vsam return code 08. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss some of them below. Register 15 may also contain X’08’ indicating an implementation if the macro was used multiple times in a test to change a non-existent entry in the referenced parameter list, or X’0C’ indicating that the requirement was not met. due to an error loading the VSAM phase.

    What does a return code 8 mean?

    8. The system rejects the request because the API version is indeed valid.

    VSAM reason codes are listed here in alphabetical order and can be foundIf you just want to use your browser, go to the abundance list belowand click on the correlation return code to go directly to the post.

    X'00'-000 X'01'-001 X'02'-002X'03'-003 X'04'-004 X'05'-005X'06'-006 X'07'-007 X'08'-008X'09'-009 X'0A'-010 X'0B'-011X'0C'-012 X'0D'-013 X'0E'-014X'0F'-015 X'10'-016 X'11'-017X'12'-018 X'13'-019 X'14'-020X'18'-024 X'1C'-028 X'20'-032X'22'-034 X'24'-036 X'28'-040X'2C'-044 X'30'-048 X'32'-050X'34'-052 X'38'-056 X'40'-064X'41'-065 X'42'-066 X'43'-067X'44'-068 X'45'-069 X'46'-070X'47'-071 X'48'-072 X'4C'-076X'4E'-078 X'4F'-079 X'50'-080X'54'-084 X'58'-088 X'5C'-092X'60'-096 X'64'-100 X'68'-104X'6C'-108 X'6E'-110 X'70'-112X'71'-113 X'72'-114 X'73'-115X'74'-116 X'76'-118X'80'-128 X'75'-117 X'84'-132 X'88'-136X'8C'-140 X'90'-144 X'94'-148X'98'-152 X'9C'-156 X'A0'-160X'A1'-161 X'A5'-165 X'A6'-166X'A7'-167 X'A8'-168 X'B4'-180X'B8'-184 X'BC'-188 X'C0'-192X'C4'-196 X'C8'-200 X'CC'-204X'D0'-208 X'D4'-212 X'D8'-216X'DC'-220 X'E4'-228 X'E8'-232X'F8'-248 X'FC'-252 X'FE'-254X'FF'-255

    X'00' 000

    Return Code=08 Action=CBMM
    Considered the implementation of MODCB, SHOWCB and TESTCBModify a non-existent entry in some macro parameter lists.

    Return code=0C Action=CBMM
    The GENCB, MODCB, SHOWCB, or TESTCB request failed becauseVSAM phase filling error. 0 register containsReturn prefix from CDLOAD.

    Return Name = "01">

    X'01' Code=04 Action=CBMM
    The GENCB/MODCB/SHOWCB/TESTCB request is not valid.



    Return code=>0 Action=CLOSE
    CLOSE or simply TCLOSE encountered an invalid control lock structure for this ACB.PROGRAMMER ANSWER: Make sure your program provides a correctly generated ACB.and do not overlap unexpectedly with ACB, AMBL or amdsb(s), OAL beforeBattery closure.

    Return code=04 Action=CBMN
    The GENCB BLK= operand does not specify many ACBs, RPLs, or EXXLSTs, or perhapsThe operand is not specified in MODCB, SHOWCB, or TESTCB. The operand must bespecified.

    How do I fix an open VSAM error?

    Also check the VSAM OPEN error resolution in the program File organization location attributes (sequential, relative, possibly indexed) The key of the first entry. Alternative recording methods.

    Return code=08 Action=OPEN
    OPEN found a nice invalid control block to structure the ACB idea.PROGRAM ACTION: Make sure your model works correctlyGeneratedgiven ACB and it is no coincidence to continue and open the ACB overlay to date.



    Return Code=04 Action=CBMN

    vsam return code 08

    An invalid keyword was accidentally specified for GENCB/MODCB/SHOWCB/TESTCB.

    X'04' 004

    return action=CLOSE
    Code => 0 ACB was previously closed.PROGRAMMER change action: your application computer program to avoid attemptsclose an ACB that has never been opened, has since been closed, orincorrectly edited to appear closed.

    Return code=00 Action=Request
    VSAM has detected an end-of-volume condition.

    Return code=04 Action=CBMN
    Discount or placement at the specified business address does not match the typeMODCB or showcb, TESTCB.

    What is VSAM return code 28?

    Return codeVSAM 28 occurs because either The primary space is presumably already exhausted, and the space beyond the secondary space cannot be expanded inward due to the limitation of the entire space.

    This code = 08 ACB is already open.PROGRAM ACTION: Change application program to avoid experimentation.ACB opening is now open.

    Return Code=08 Action=Request
    VSAM found end including file (during sequential restore) or this searchThe argument is greater than the existing main document number (or relative key document number)a).in file.Code=0C

    What is return code mainframe?

    When a task completes, the cancellation code is set based on the execution status. The return value can be a number from two (success) to 4095 (a non-zero value indicates an error condition). The most common values ​​are: 0 = Normal - everything is fine.

    back Action=Request
    VSAM failed to read data as requested. This may cause an errorEssentially, VSAM finds an unformatted entry when a formatted entry is expected.write, a great amount of data than expected, or a fantastic I/O error.PLANNER ACTION: Make sure your plan completes the SYNAD exit procedure.macro dump. Save the resulting dump and final SYSLOG output for later release.definition.

    Code X'05'=04 005

    Return Action=CBMN
    SHOWCB or TESTCB purchased to access closed ACB; each ACB must be open.

    X'06' 006

    Return Code=04 Action=CBMN
    The SHOWCB operand, also called the TESTCB-OBJECT operand, refers to any index that does not exist.

    X'07' 007

    Return Code=04 Action=CBMN
    The mentioned EXLST, on the other hand, contains an entry to complete the most important ones you mentioned.MODCB or SHOWCB.

    X'08' 008

    Return code=00 Action=Request
    VSAM is the corresponding recognized non-unique key in the index in boron.

    Where does VSAM set the return codes?

    VSAM groups return codes in the fourteenth register. These return codes are paired with the reason codes specified in the Access Method Control Timeout (ACB) and Request Parameter Order (RPL). Reason codes placed around the ACB indicate open or abort errors.

    Return code=04 Action=CBMN
    The virtual memory available through the partition is not sufficiently createdblock(s) or list(s) requested for GENCB.PROGRAM ACTION: Restart the job by simply creating a larger virtual partition.

    vsam return code 08

    Return code=08 Action=Request
    Trying to store a list with a duplicate key or a duplicate typeAlternatively, an entry was found for the main index with the UNIQUEKEY option, or perhaps aThe data record already exists at the data record position in question.

    VSAM code=0c was unable to read index set records from the database. In particular, the error can be causedsuch as determining VSAM on the basis that a raw write is expectedformatted record, this disc contains data other than expected,or an I/O error.PLANNER ACTION: Make sure your schedule displays a synad leave messageDump macro. Save the resulting dump and the main SYSLOG output for future releases.definition.

    X'09' 009

    Return Code=04 Valid e=COMM
    The area allocated for execution in the program may be too small to be generated as requested.Blocks or lists for GENCB or SHOWCB.PLANNER ANSWER: Recompile the program, specifying the top-level workspace.

    X'0A' 010

    Return code=04 From action=comm
    One of your valid EXLST operands specifies the L subparameter but does not provide part, or the operands contain neither the address nor any of theSubparameters A and N (GENCB or MODCB only).

    X'0B' 011

    Return Code=04 Action=COMM
    MODCB attempted to modify the active RPL; RPL must be inactive.

    X'0C' 012

    Return code=00 Action=Request
    Run the WRTBFR absolute macro, because there are almost no unmodified buffers left in which toto display the contents of an available field (shares only).

    Return code=04 Action=COMM
    The MODCB dared to amend the open ACB; currently ACB should be closed.

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  • Return code=08 Action=Request
    VSAM detected an entry outside the archipelago in a key sequence or relative zapisiFile (perhaps this duplicate is also numbered).

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