Acer Laptop Bios Password Removal Problem Should Be Fixed

Acer Laptop Bios Password Removal Problem Should Be Fixed

In this guide, we will describe some of the possible reasons that may lead to the password being removed, and then we will offer possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

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    You can remove the electrical CMOS, find the battery, and remove the house for five to ten minutes to restore it, and your password will need to be cleared.

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    Hello again, it seems like a long time has passed, but I’m desperate again and hope someone finds what they’re looking for here.

    So, a word of advice, how many times have you set and forgot a private bio and then someone tried to access your laptop bio and couldn’t remember the password. I don’t think there are too many people like that around :). It’s really cheeky when I read you. NO!!!

    How do I remove BIOS password on laptop?

    Rotate the remote computer and unplug the specified power cable from it. Locate the system board password reset (PSWD) jumper. Remove the jumper from the password jumper pins. Power on without jumper to reset the password.

    Most of my laptops are used in offices so they take the BIOS passwords set by the machine admins so users can’t mess up some important settings, so absolutely no Mickey Mouse. PS It’s very easy to do and for some reason it doesn’t work don’t make any effort so don’t blame me because the program is a free service and there are no guarantees ๐Ÿ™‚

    Okay, let’s try it – immediately turn on Acer and the laptop and immediately press the F2 key on the keyboard. The F2 button accesses the BIOS, so you should now see ” “enter current password” – also enter wrong password 3 times, you should see “Enter unlock password”, now press Enter and you can see your unlock key… take the last one write it down and leave the key on, enter this key in the search field and click the “Submit request” button, and after a few seconds, an Acer employee should receive your Bios opening key.

    Now look at the key, return to your personal laptop and enter it in the “Enter password to unlock” field. If you are productive, you should be in the BIOS, immediately go to the security account in the BIOS and press Enter to set the administrator password and a small field with password C fields should appear. Enter the unlock key in the first field, which is the current field security, leave it and the new password field and make sure that the field is empty. Just hit enter twice. Now go to Exit and press Tab to exit, save your changes and that’s it.

    Update: We Are Currently Working On A 10-digit Acer Bios Password, So Will Be Coming Soon. Detailed Article How To Remove The 10-digit Password For Acer BIOS

    Remove Acer 10 digit BIOS password here: Acer Laptop BiosBug 10 digit BIOS password

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    Forgot the BIOS password for an Acer laptop only? Sometimes we need to enter the BIOS to make some changes to the laptop or computer hardware, but the BIOS is password protected and secure, so users feel helpless. In this fact article, I present three main BIOS reset methods for Acer laptops, including Aspire, VivoBook, Zenbook, etc.

    Method 1: Reset your Acer BIOS password using Acer eSettings Management
    Method 2: Remove Acer BIOS password by removing this CMOS battery
    Method 3: Recover your Acer BIOS password using the manufacturer’s backdoor password.

    Method 1: Reset Acer BIOS Password Using Acer ESettings Management

    How do I unlock my Acer laptop BIOS?

    Okay, let’s get started – turn on your Acer computer and immediately press the F2 control key on your keyboard. The F2 key is often used to enter the BIOS, so these days you should see “Enter current password” – entered the wrong password from 3 days to several weeks ago and you should see “Enter current password”. Unlock password”, now press “Enter”. and allYour family needs to see your unlock key

    If you and your family members are still able to boot your personal computer, you can use Acer eSettings Management to reset your BIOS password. Please note that you need to install Acer Empowering Technology first. ( and htm)

  • Search in All Programs > Technology Enhancers > Acer eSettings Management.
  • Click “BIOS Passwords” in the footer of the create screen.
  • You can regain control with the “Password” or “Remove Password” options.
    remove password bios laptop acer

  • Method 6: Remove The Acer BIOS Password By Removing The CMOS Battery

    A common way to steal a BIOS password is to remove the CMOS from the battery. However, this system requires playing with the hardware components of the computer, so it is not recommended for people who are unfamiliar with tablet computers or laptops.

  • Disconnect the power cable from the applicable desktop or laptop. Remove the computer case with a screwdriver and locate the flat round metal CMOS battery. Look at the specific image below.

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  • Can I remove password from BIOS?

    On the computer motherboard, we buy a BIOS eraser or a password dumper or a DIP switch and change our position. This jumper is often referred to as CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, JCMOS1, CLR, CLRPWD, PASSWD, PASSWORD, PSWD, or PWD. Some computers can also remove any password by leaving the jumper wide (one or none of the pins are covered).

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